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If you have been hit by Penguin or Panda, link building can seem more of a process of link removing or link disavowing. The difficulty in removing links is that in a sense it is an admission of guilt that you bought / paid someone to create the link for you and were in fact going against Google rules.

  • Just take me to the link building service please...
  • Been dropped out of the index? Read here about the wrong anchor text strategy might help
  • Adopt the right link building strategy that makes most efficient use of available more
  • Help: Back links are links from other websites to your own and can be in word form (anchor text) or image. It is not the quantity of back links but Google's trust score of the linking site that influences your rank or position in a Google search. Read more about link profiling for more information on back links or click here for anchor text
  • Once you begin the process and ask Google for a reinclusion, you are in fact now 'guilty by your own omission' and could see your site fall further in the rankings.
  • Disavowing links is a service that Google has offered since Oct 2012. Unfortunately this system is a drain on Google resources and not a revenue generator, so in our experience it is wrong to expect much to happen in the near future. SEOs who claim they can get your site back ranking asap are perhaps being optimistic. (see Google's disavow tool)
  • Another strategy that has future proofing built in could be considered. One such method for reducing the effects of a penalty or to reverse a process where a business finds its website falling in Google's rankings is to build better links that avoid blogs, directories and press release sites all together. All of Benedict link building is ethical and as white hat and future proof as we can make it.

Exactly how we do this is not for public consumption, as we have spent years developing a system that can achieve this "bad link" dilution. Please call us and we will gladly explain costs and timescales.