Content Strategy


After coming on board with Mainstreethost, you’ll speak to your team of marketers, which includes your project manager, a search engine optimization specialist, content writer, social media manager, and web designer, among others. They’ll devise a month-to-month, priority-based strategy that will lay the groundwork for your future success, and generate quality leads once the foundation is set.

Our content team will create indelible content to help attract your most coveted visitors. They’ll work with you to draft a list of topics, and from there they can take the wheel. We have the manpower to create on-site copy, long-form content, videos, infographics and more. In addition, we can provide the tips and tools for you to take your content marketing to the next level on your own.

Our web content strategy consulting services often include:

  • Improving overall user experience
  • Translating complex or technical information to easy-to-grasp content
  • Editing and writing to strengthen brand personality
  • Creating story concepts and themes
  • Speaking to marketers, designers, and editorial groups

We love to work on:

  • Creating mobile storytelling ideas to solve problems and gain a loyal audience
  • Interactive and educational apps for kids and adults
  • Content for responsive design mobile sites
  • Writing and editing for mobile experiences

Every brand has an amazing story. Sharing it effectively is the tricky part. Over the course of one to several interviews, you’ll see your true brand story emerge. We can even do the writing for you.

  • Discover creative and unique approaches
  • Scrub away conflicting messages
  • Stand apart from the competition